Founded in 2012 by designer & multidisciplinary artist, Dar Smith, Breath & Stone is a unisex jewellery label specialising in handcrafted sculptural design and wearable art. 

Each individual piece is handmade or carved and carefully finished. Hand chosen in sacred pockets of the world, all materials are of the highest quality. Breath & Stone uses only certified conflict-free diamonds, which have been ethically sourced by the designer. 

A vision of military technology from the Viking age, ancient sorcery and foreign scripts combined with precious materials to create the initial prototype, Eustace, that would define the entire collection and shape future product finishes.

Each subsequent piece has been carefully designed to portray growing and developing organisms that have been plucked from otherworldly planets and used as weapons against unknown predators.

The theory of hidden freedom and choice is relevant in the collection narrative. The following manifesto, written by the designer, is an indication of the direction of Breath & Stone.



Pixelated molecules as clear as a kaleidoscope
They grow from silver, diamonds, me, you
Anything can happen. They grow as we choose

On a land mass far from what they call home
Trees have never grown, water is extinct and the sun doesn’t shine
It’s dark here. And cold. But we’ve never felt so alive

Breathe another chemical element, it’s beautiful
We can’t cry but we can’t smile either. Maybe this doesn’t
actually exist

As we spawn; uncut, invisible
We are free to decide
Germ or Seed
Open your eyes